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Straightforward legal advice for creators of art & code.

An internet-based solo law practice providing legal and consulting services to clients in technology and in the arts, with a focus on intellectual property and privacy law.

A Kickass Lawyer

I am not your typical IP lawyer. I won’t say no to something just because it is easier for me. I won’t talk over your head to make things seem more complicated than they are. I will take the time to get to know you and your work, in order to make sure that the legal services I provide for you are the right fit for your project and your budget.

Tech Savvy. Regular Savvy, too.

My practice is targeted at meeting the legal needs of artists and entrepreneurs working in a digital age. My practice combines in-depth knowledge of  internet law, copyrights, trademarks, online privacy law, social media law and small business law with a deep understanding of the digital context of my clients’ work.

A non-traditional law firm

This is not a traditional, brick-and-mortar law firm. Instead, I provide legal services to clients in their offices, over the phone, and through a secure project management platform which allows for close attorney-client collaboration and simple 24-hour client access to documents and notes.

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